8 – 10 May 2019 Berlin / Germany

In the past, many of the cutting-edge advances in brand management research have been achieved through the consideration of new perspectives on brands, such as: brands as co-created objects, Ind et al. 2013; brands as experiences, Brakus et al. 2009; brands as services, Vargo and Lusch 2004; brand orientation, Urde 1999.

Today, in a more than turbulent world (Dennis and Melewar 2010) that can be characterized by social misalignments, politically instable environments and a rapidly changing communication context (Keller 2009), new and fresh perspectives are again more than urgently needed (Sheth and Sisodia, 2015). Start-ups, artists and creative industries have always been a source of innovation and inspiration (Weiblen and Chesbrough, 2015; Baumgarth and O’Reilly 2014) and are therefore appropriate objects of analysis for brand managers who are looking for adequate ways to deal with new challenges. In addition to this, Berlin, as the venue for the 14thGlobal Band Conference, is  globally reknowned for its vivid artistic and creative scene (Bader and Scharenberg, 2010).

Building on the above, the conference will centre on start-ups, arts and creative industries as well as on Berlin’s reputation as an artistic city. Therefore the conference topic of the GBC2019 is:

Start-ups, Arts and Creative Industries: Fresh Perspectives on Brands