Brand Science Slam

What: Science Communication

Science Slam is a science communication format where scientists explain their research projects in short 10-minute-talks that are easy to follow and afterward the audience gets to vote. The important thing is not primarily the scientific outcome of their work, but to explain it in an understandable, entertaining and concise way. Science Slams take place outside the university or lecture halls and instead in cultural centers, theaters or clubs, usually in the evening. So, in the Brand Science Slam, the scientists leave their ivory tower and become a part of popular culture.

Why: Close the perception gap

The Brand Science Slam should close the perception gap between academics and professionals and should promote the conversation between brand practitioners and brand researchers. We want to encourage the dialogue between the two worlds to find new research topics as well as new success factors on brand management and branding.

How: 10-minute presentations

Presenting people have only 10 minutes to present the content of an article already published in an academic journal. Reference point are TED Talks where people also have limited time to address their messages. The audience will evaluate the performance immediately. Evaluation criteria: comprehensibility, relevance for professionals, entertainment factor.

Topics: Relevant content for brand professionals

The conference team did select the following topics: