Brand Walk

Berlin is a kind of test lab for new brand experiences. The Brand Walk will enable you to look behind the scenes of the experience spaces that the German brands Deutsche Bank, Ritter SPORT, and Mercedes-Benz have created. Participants of the Global Brand Conference 2019 will have the chance to meet the brand executives and store managers to learn more about their brand experience strategies.

Quartier Zukunft | Deutsche Bank

“Come in and network with experienced experts, successful start-ups and your desired advisors. Enjoy events and workshops where you will get to know banking, the capital and much more. Or just relax in our Q Café or Urban Garden for a quiet moment of hectic everyday life!” With “Quartier Zukunft” Deutsche Bank is testing the future of banking. It is co-working space, event forum, café and much more. But experience it yourself and meet the managers to discuss this approach of brand building.

Ritter SPORT BunteSchokowelt

“The Colorful ChocoWorld site at Gendarmenmarkt makes Berlin the capital of chocolate. Even as you enter there’s an irresistibly tempting aroma of chocolate. The three floors and almost 10,000 sf. of space give you a chance to treat yourself to everything you fancy, try your hand at being creative and find out all about chocolate.” That´s what the website is saying about Ritter SPORT Bunte Schokowelt. Ask the managing director about the details in designing a memorable brand experience.

Mercedes-Benz Gallery

With the opening of the new Mercedes-Benz Gallery in Berlin Unter den Linden, the Mercedes-Benz Berlin branch returns to its roots in October 2009. Only a few meters away from where the history of the Mercedes-Benz Berlin branch began in 1909, the newly opened Mercedes-Benz Gallery Berlin makes the Mercedes-Benz myth tangible in all its facets. Experience the diversity and fascination of the world of Mercedes-Benz in an entertaining and interesting way. Meet the managing director to learn more about the concept of the gallery.