Academy of Marketing – SIG Brand, Identity & Corporate Reputation

We are living in the age of brands. Brands are more important than ever in all aspects of our lives; to profit and non-profit organisations as well as their fusion with arts, sports among other cultural activities. Branding and reputation management are therefore key areas of study for academics.

The Special Interest Group in Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation is the most active research group of the wider UK Academy of Marketing and is now well established as a focal point for both academics and practitioners with an interest in branding, which is our main aim. Our objectives are to encourage people to join us in order to:

  • provide opportunities for discussion
  • support academic researchers, to link with international networks of similar SIGs
  • promote the publication of research papers and guest edit editions of notable academic journals
  • promote dialogue between practitioners and academics;
  • facilitate networking between research students and other new and established researchers.

Starting as a small meeting of like-minded academics, our SIG has developed  into The Global Brand Conference over the years. This event has developed a reputation for being one of the world’s leading academic conferences on branding in the last fifteen years. At this event, top branding experts from around the world come together to debate and develop the state-of-play in branding theory and application. We have developed a theme of holding alternate events in the UK and then overseas in order to meet and encourage membership from the wider international academic community. Initiated in Birmingham, we have by now hosted events in Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Brunel, Hertfordshire, Bradford and Newcastle, as well as in Barcelona, Porto, Atlanta and Turku. We are looking forward to hosting the coming conference in Berlin.

If you have an academic interest in brands, identity and corporate reputation, please do get in touch with us.

Professor Stuart Roper

SIG Chair & Associate Dean (Research) – University of Huddersfield