Prof. Dr. Marius K. Luedicke

When Flirting With New Customer Segments, Make Sure You Are Not Already Married!

Description: Through immigration and globalisation, consumers in Germany (and beyond) are becoming more culturally diverse. Yet, whereas brand managers are usually happy to serve these new customers, their existing customers are often less welcoming. The talk will explain how “relational configuration analysis“ helps brand managers to understand if they are already „married“ to existing customers, and how they can build strong relationships with incoming customer segments without risking a “divorce”.

Based on: Luedicke, M. (2015): Indigenes’ Responses to Immigrants’ – Consumer Acculturation: A Relational Configuration Analysis. Journal of Consumer Research, 42, 109-129.

Marius K. Luedicke is an Associate Professor in Marketing at Cass Business School, City, University London. His research explores the dynamics of consumer culture with a particular focus on conflict and moralism. His studies have been published in journals such as Psychology & Marketing, Long Range Planning, Journal of Business Research, Consumption Markets and Culture, and the Journal of Consumer Research, of which he is also an editorial review board member. His research has been discussed by various international media including the New York Times, Huffington Post, the Guardian, and Wired. When not busy teaching or analysing data, Marius Luedicke develops cultural branding strategies for thriving start-ups.