Art Work & Artists

On our website we present selected artworks. All of them have a strong link to brands and/or to Berlin. We thank all the artists for the permission to use their wonderful and inspiring pieces for the GBC 2019!

Part of the installation “Shifting Dimensions” (The Haus)
by KlebeBande

KlebeBande is a Tape-Art collective from Berlin. With an eye for detail, they dedicated to creating independent and commissioned projects using form, color and language. Along the way, the three artists find inspiration in urban structures as well as in nature. The main focus of the collective are permanent room installations, architectural art and large-format facade designs. – Bodo Höbing, Bruno Ridderbusch and Nikolaj Bultmann, “Berliner Originale” are the founders of KlebeBande.

by Andrei Krioukov
200 x 200 m

Andrei Krioukov was born 1959 in Moscow. He studied Graphic Design at the Moscow Art Academy. What strikes the public about Krioukov’s work is the close relationship between art and life. From the year 2000, Krioukov painted everyday objects. His studio resembled a storage room consisting of collected ‘rubbish’. The photographically correct ‘portraits’ of the objects collected in the “Gelber Sack” (Yellow plastic bags used in German households for recycling) are reminiscent of the photographic reproductions of Andreas Gursky and his supermarket collection. The one-way-system and the expression ‘one-way-realism’ becomes clear through the painted medium and acts like a mirror for all viewers. They are provoked to reflect about their own consumer habits. Between the years 2000 and 2008 there are several Coca-Cola cans among the depicted objects. In 2011 in Berlin, under the title ‘United World’, Krioukov presented an impressive exhibition of large, colourful canvases (180 x 200 cm) all dedicated to the Coca-Cola can.