Keynote by Maik Richter: Why everything seems so simple afterwards

The keynote works around a typical comment: “That’s easy. I would have come up with this idea also”. This is a commonly known and an often heard sentence, used for the judgment of any kind of creative work, especially when it comes to art but also in advertising.

Afterward, it often seems simple and totally obvious that this specific idea is the one and only advertising idea for this specific brand. And for sure everybody would put their full effort into making it happen. This comment is often associated with marketers who want something similar for their own brand or product.

And it is true: It could be very easy, but it rarely is. Almost every excellent advertising idea is not just a spontaneous flash of inspiration. It is founded on a brilliant strategic idea, resulting from the intelligent use of customer insights and a smart reading of existing data about the market, competitors and target groups. And not at least, the masterpiece by a creative mind. Realized by a group of professionals in a marketing department and an agency working hard to take all doubts away and reworking every detail to produce something excellent. Something different. Something daring. The keynote shows why it is not easy to create something outstanding in advertising and at which points of the journey you need to be careful to avoid the idea decreases quality and shape.

Maik Richter, CEO Heimat Advertising Agency, Berlin.

Maik is one of the few starting their career in advertising not with a university but dived right in. Educated at Springer & Jacoby in 1994, followed by different Account Management and various leading positions in Germanys best creative agencies he started at Heimat leading the “Hornbach-Unit” in 2010 and becoming Managing Director in 2012. Now partner and CEO, Maik leads one of the most influential advertising agencies in the German-speaking market. As a graduate of Omnicom University programs and through his work and experience for international and national brands like OTTO, Hornbach, Boston Consulting Group, Mercedes-Benz, Google, Lufthansa, McKinsey, Ferrero, and many more, Maik is a highly asked professional in the marketing industry.