Keynote by Maik Richter: Why everything seems so simple afterwards

The keynote works around a typical comment: “That’s easy. I would have come up with this idea also”. This is a commonly known and an often heard sentence, used for the judgment of any kind of creative work, especially when it comes to art but also in advertising.

Afterward, it often seems simple and totally obvious that this specific idea is the one and only advertising idea for this specific brand. And for sure everybody would put their full effort into making it happen. This comment is often associated with marketers who want something similar for their own brand or product.

And it is true: It could be very easy, but it rarely is. Almost every excellent advertising idea is not just a spontaneous flash of inspiration. It is founded on a brilliant strategic idea, resulting from the intelligent use of customer insights and a smart reading of existing data about the market, competitors and target groups. And not at least, the masterpiece by a creative mind. Realized by a group of professionals in a marketing department and an agency working hard to take all doubts away and reworking every detail to produce something excellent. Something different. Something daring. The keynote shows why it is not easy to create something outstanding in advertising and at which points of the journey you need to be careful to avoid the idea decreases quality and shape.

Maik Richter, CEO Heimat Advertising Agency, Berlin.

Maik is one of the few starting their career in advertising not with a university but dived right in. Educated at Springer & Jacoby in 1994, followed by different Account Management and various leading positions in Germanys best creative agencies he started at Heimat leading the “Hornbach-Unit” in 2010 and becoming Managing Director in 2012. Now partner and CEO, Maik leads one of the most influential advertising agencies in the German-speaking market. As a graduate of Omnicom University programs and through his work and experience for international and national brands like OTTO, Hornbach, Boston Consulting Group, Mercedes-Benz, Google, Lufthansa, McKinsey, Ferrero, and many more, Maik is a highly asked professional in the marketing industry.

Keynote by Miriam Preissinger: Re:imagine Street ARt by Samsung

Samsung endorsed Germany’s key event of contemporary art – the Art Berlin. At this annual event, artists and art enthusiasts from all over the world come together to enjoy the latest in contemporary art. To make an impact as a brand among exhibits from top-international talent, Samsung decided to leverage one of the most immersive mediums: Street Art. Street Art by its very nature interferes with the environment and engages with the audience in public places. In close collaboration with five international artists, the project Re:imagine Street Art amplified those principles through unique technology and extended the conceptual ideas of select artworks by adding an explorative Augmented Reality layer. Rooted in the brand promise “Do What You Can’t”, spectacular installations, living murals and playful discoveries around monuments turned Berlin into an open gallery and changed the audience’s role from mere consumer to active participant.

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Miriam Preissinger (Creative Director, Cheil Germany)

Born in London and raised in Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland, Miriam Preissinger moved to Frankfurt after finishing her graphic design studies in 2009 to work at international advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett and David and Goliath. In 2012, she joined Cheil Germany as Art Director and rose quickly through the ranks to become Creative Director. Her work focuses on ideas beyond classical channels, creating meaningful experiences and products that involve people with brands in a new way. Additionally, she has been a tutor at the University of Applied Science in Bielefeld where she taught interface and interaction design, and has also accompanied various university courses in the Rhine-Main area. Miriam has won almost every national and international advertising award at least once, and recently has been named as one of the top 35 German creatives under 35.

The artist collective KlebeBande comes to the GBC2019 – Tape is the new Paint!

Under the guidance of the hip and successful Tape-Art collective Klebebande, participants of the Global Brand Conference 2019 will experiment with urban design techniques and use adhesive tape from a completely new perspective. Enjoy your own creativity with colleagues and create a wonderful and colorful art piece. In addition to that, the collective KlebeBande will present in a short presentation some of their collaborations with brands like Amazon, MAN – Neoplan, AUDI, KPM and Adobe.

KlebeBande is a Tape-Art collective from Berlin. With an eye for detail, they dedicated to creating independent and commissioned projects using form, color and language. Along the way, the three artists find inspiration in urban structures as well as in nature. The main focus of the collective are permanent room installations, architectural art and large-format facade designs. – Bodo Höbing, Bruno Ridderbusch and Nikolaj Bultmann, “Berliner Originale” are the founders of KlebeBande.

Tape is the new paint!

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Special Issue in the Journal of Marketing Management

The conference chairs will edit a Special Issue in the Journal of Marketing Management which will center on start-ups, arts and creative industries. This call is running in parallel with the conference: Participation in the conference is a prerequisite for submission to JMM.

The closing date for submissions is 15 July 2019.

Please access the corresponding Call for Papers with the following link: Full CfP.

Deadline extension for research papers and Brand Science Slam

More than 90 papers and applications for the Brand Science Slam have already been submitted for the GBC 2019. But almost as many inquiries came as to whether an extension of the submission deadline would be possible. We want the best ideas and research pieces. Therefore, the conference team decided to extend the deadline by ten days. The final deadline is now 15 November 2018, but no further extension is possible as we want to notify all authors by 17 December and the review and decision process will take some time.