Keynote by Verena Bahlsen: HERMANN’S: Reinventing the Food System

Verena´s brand HERMANN’S is named after Hermann Bahlsen, traveler and visionary. He found new ideas and potentials across the world and had the ingenuity to build a company out of them. HERMANN´S is an all-day restaurant, event location, test kitchen, and film studio in one but also an ecosystem to reinvent the food system. There are those who invent food, those who produce it, those who sell it, and those who buy it. Unfortunately, to this day they haven’t found ways to work together. And yet, that is what it will take to create what we all want: Healthy and sustainable products to feed us and future generations. HERMANN’S is here to unite these groups. Verena is very interested to start a conversation what her vision and mission means for branding. More information:

Verena Bahlsen is an innovation consultant, brand strategist, and food industry expert. She is the fourth generation of German biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen, and the founder of HERMANN’S. After studying Media and Management at New York University and King’s College in London, Verena returned to work at Bahlsen at age 21. While working, she discovered innovations were occurring outside of the food industry: a movement of people and companies developing healthier and more planet-friendly food products. Inspired by the new field, Verena built HERMANN’S to actively screen this new food movement, bridge the gap between innovators and industry, and strategize with companies for a sustainable future.

Keynote by Miriam Preissinger: Re:imagine Street ARt by Samsung

Samsung endorsed Germany’s key event of contemporary art – the Art Berlin. At this annual event, artists and art enthusiasts from all over the world come together to enjoy the latest in contemporary art. To make an impact as a brand among exhibits from top-international talent, Samsung decided to leverage one of the most immersive mediums: Street Art. Street Art by its very nature interferes with the environment and engages with the audience in public places. In close collaboration with five international artists, the project Re:imagine Street Art amplified those principles through unique technology and extended the conceptual ideas of select artworks by adding an explorative Augmented Reality layer. Rooted in the brand promise “Do What You Can’t”, spectacular installations, living murals and playful discoveries around monuments turned Berlin into an open gallery and changed the audience’s role from mere consumer to active participant.

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Miriam Preissinger (Creative Director, Cheil Germany)

Born in London and raised in Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland, Miriam Preissinger moved to Frankfurt after finishing her graphic design studies in 2009 to work at international advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett and David and Goliath. In 2012, she joined Cheil Germany as Art Director and rose quickly through the ranks to become Creative Director. Her work focuses on ideas beyond classical channels, creating meaningful experiences and products that involve people with brands in a new way. Additionally, she has been a tutor at the University of Applied Science in Bielefeld where she taught interface and interaction design, and has also accompanied various university courses in the Rhine-Main area. Miriam has won almost every national and international advertising award at least once, and recently has been named as one of the top 35 German creatives under 35.